San Francisco Parklets: Public-Private-Partnership at its best

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What a glorious transformation to turn a parking spot into a cafe. Public Parklets, as seen in San Francisco, appear to be a great form of public-private-partnership (PPP). As part of its Pavement to Parks initiative, the city offers to adopt parking lots for conversion into places for people to linger, rest, interact,… Parklet hosts are often street side facing cafes or restaurants. Upon approval of the request, the host business pays a one time fee of approximately $800-$2000 (depending on the number of parking meters that need be removed) and an annual fee after the first year of under $250. The cost of the installation itself is also covered by the host. While this offers a cost effective al fresco seating for guests of the host, San Francisco’s regulations require that ‘all seating is open to the public’. Everybody seems to win.

Here are all San Francisco parklets on a map. The project is part of the Better Streets initiative and questions are answered at San Francisco Public Works. Information about fees and other aspects are also mentioned here (verify for updates).

When will you be inviting the public to the parklet outside your house?

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